Marathon man Matty’s now running a restaurant too

08 November, 2017

Team GB athlete Matty Hynes is now combining his passion for running marathons with running a restaurant after being appointed as general manager of CEO Sleepout’s restaurant, The Fork in the Road.

Having been the driving force behind the charity-run restaurant since its opening in Christmas 2016, I’ve now handed over the baton to Matty.

Rated British number two behind only Mo Farah at the half-marathon last year, Matty aims to make The Fork in the Road the best restaurant around whilst furthering its charity focus.

Backed by CEO Sleepout, the restaurant is focused on giving work and training opportunities to the long-term unemployed including ex-offenders and those in recovery from addiction.

It also helps to fund Bar Zero, a dry bar situated upstairs that’s designed to provide an important social facility for the local recovery community.

The restaurant’s doing really well, it’s established and it’s very highly thought of. In fact we hit Tripadvisor’s number one spot for Middlesbrough restaurants less than five months after opening.

More importantly, we’re creating training and employment opportunities for local people who need a break or a second chance, so I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

But the time was right for me to step aside and let a real professional come in and take it to next level. I’m passionate about the project but I just can’t continue to give it the time to do it justice. So who better to take over than a local lad who already has experience of running his own eatery, passion for the project and his heart on Teesside?

Matty said about his appointment: “When Andy told me about this opportunity and what he wanted the restaurant to achieve, it just felt right. Its charity ethos is what really attracted me to the place. There are plenty of good restaurants around but this one is unique.

“There’s a real sense of fulfilment to be helping the long-term unemployed and there’s some great staff here, who are committed to taking the project to the next level.

“People come here because the food is good, it looks fantastic and because it helps those who are struggling, but I think we can take it from strength to strength.”

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