Have you heard about The Fork In The Road?

15 September, 2018 - Blog by Andy Preston

It’s a brilliant charity restaurant – serving great food & drink and doing valuable work with people who need a second chance.

We’re changing the way we do things at the restaurant and offering new dishes. For example, we’re trialling the delicious miniature desserts that are pictured above.

Instead of taking a few quick pictures of them we spent a bit of time arranging a layout and also decided to decorate the plate with our emblem: a fork.

That picture is inspiring emotion in people – and people love it! They love it much more than if we’d take a quick snap.

The vastly enhanced reaction to the quality photography is a crystal clear reminder of the fact being good just isn’t enough – you have to present well. This rule holds for just about everything in life but it’s particularly important in the business world.

So it might be time to have a look at how you present yourself or your business to the wider world and invest a little to make a big difference.


Andy Preston.

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